Girl Education

Educating Girls To Break The Cycle Of Violence

Girls’ education is the key to development, yet violence against women is the most tolerated human right violation around the globe. Girls’ education is the stepping-stone to breaking the cycle of poverty, and of breaking the cycle of violence.

Girl Education

Women across the world face different forms of violence on a daily basis. Physical emotional and sexual violence have long lasting consequences on a victim’s health, productivity, well-being and economic safety, not to mention on their empowerment levels. Violence can range from humiliations, to kicks and slaps, to acid throwing, dowries, child marriage, domestic violence, to less access to safe drinking water and nutrition than men, to maternal mortality and so on.

Why Education Matters
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Education levels for girls are often correlated to marrying later. Despite its becoming illegal in India, child marriage is a form of violence millions of girls face. Child brides have higher chances of dying during child birth, of having health complications during child birth such as Obstetric Fistula, of facing domestic violence by their husband and in laws, and so on. Young brides don’t have the tools to negotiate what they want, and have less bargaining power. Coupled with low education levels, and a low set of skills, they are powerless in front of their husband and in laws. For many girls, finishing school and getting their diploma is a way to delay their wedding date, and to provide them with a set of skills, and therefore bargaining power in their marriage to demand respect.

Why Girl Education Matter
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Educating the girlchild is the first step to breaking the cycle of violence and delaying marriage, giving them better chances at a safer life. Better educated girls lead to better fed, healthier, more economically independent women with more resources. To fight violence against women girl have to have access to quality education.

So support girls’ education this holiday season! You can support a project that will ensure that young girls in New Delhi, India, are able to succeed in school. The Centre for Social Research is launching this project as part of its efforts to end violence against women and girls.

For a modest donation you can ensure that in 2016 a girl has books, clothing, extra tutoring, and good nutrition- all critical resources that help ensure that children can learn well and succeed in the classroom.

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