District Level Workshop and Speaking Tour by National Champions in Mahendragarh

On 30th March 2018, our team conducted a “District level Workshop and Speaking Tour” in Mahendragarh district, after the completion of the sub-district and district level matches in the five selected districts of Haryana under the “Sports for Girls” project. The event was organized Head of Research Division at CSR, Dr. Manasi Mishra, who was ably assisted by team member Ms. Poushali Kundu. The workshop was held at the Bal Bhawan in Narnaul.

The objective of the workshop was to motivate the girls who performed at the district and sub-district matches held by CSR through interaction with the local Role Models and distribution of sports equipment among them as a token of support and encouragement.  Dr. Garima Mittal, Deputy Commissioner (DC) was the “Chief Guest’ on this occasion.  The players who were invited as role models were Mrs. Monika Mehta (Taekwondo), Ms. Monika Sharma (Pencak Silat) and Sahil (Volleyball) who shared their experiences with the girl players, in order to motivate them to pursue sports as a profession. As special guests Shri Vipin Sharma, DCWO, Bal Bhawan; Mr. Hemant Sharma, Shri Ashok Chauhan, Coach; Mr. Rajkumar Mehta, International Player & Coach were present at the event. The event began with Dr. Manasi Mishra welcoming the audience, the valuable stakeholders, the Chief Guest and other dignitaries to the Workshop. She briefed the participants about the aims and objectives of the workshop and invited Dr. Garima to share a few ideas of self-motivation with the girl players present on the occasion.

 Dr. Garima Mittal, DC, Mahendragarh, began her speech by highlighting that girls are special and she does not need to say that to a girl; rather the need is to make those aware who feel otherwise. She proudly said that it feel great to witness an audience which has more women than men because in her experience so far, she has been among the few women present at any events. She greatly appreciated the “Sports for Girls” initiative taken by CSR, and understood the need for this project, particularly in Mahendragarh district of Haryana as it has one of the lowest sex ratio in India. She concluded by saying that we need to change and control our boys not girls. The sports equipments which were contributed by CSR for district level Kabaddi players  and Sub-district level volleyball players were distributed among the respective girl players by Dr. Garima Mittal and Mr. Hemant Sharma, a valuable stakeholder of the district.

There were three sports role models; namely, Ms. Sahil who plays International Volleyball, Ms. Monika Sharma who has represented India at National and International level Taekwondo and Pencak Silat, and Mrs. Monika Mehta who has won bronze medal at Common Wealth Games and at present, is coaching school girls in self-defense. These three women addressed the gathering, citing examples of hurdles they have faced in their own lives, and struggles they put through to overcome them.

Sahil, one of our role models; she is currently studying in Karnal University, where she is receiving all the facilities for continuing her training and practice for volleyball. She also participated at the volleyball at the Sub-district level Volleyball Competition.

Next, Ms. Monika Sharma and Ms Monika Mehta, shared their experiences, who shared their personal life experiences, and their struggles behind their professional success. After all the Role Models presented their sports journey, some of the players also shared their experiences of participating in various activities as part of the Sports for Girls program. They thanked CSR for such a valuable initiative and looked forward to more such events in their district.

Dr. Mishra and Ms. Poushali concluded the programme by thanking all the district authorities, coaches and staff of the Bal Bhawan for assisting in successfully organizing all the sports events at Mahendragarh.