Domestic Violence

Need for Assessment of GBV

Recently, we came across a “Danger Assessment Tool” designed by Jacquelyn C. Campbell, Ph.D., R.N.(2003). A short and easy tool, it contains 20 questions, which are to be answered in Yes/No format. On the basis of the number of Yes responses, the experience of Gender Based Violence experienced by the respondent is assessed, and future course of action is decided.

Domestic Violence

Several risk factors have been associated with increased risk of homicides (murders) of women and men in violent relationships. Although prediction of violence is not possible, a tool such as the ‘Danger Assessment Tool’ enables both the victim and assessor to be aware of the danger of homicide in situations of abuse and for you to see how many of the risk factors apply to your situation.

Assessment involves gathering and interpreting information in order to understand a person and their circumstances; the desirability and feasibility of change and the services and resources which are making necessary to affect it. It involves making judgements based on information. (Middleton, 1997, p.5).

Assessment is of particular importance in the context of gender based violence, as it helps quantify the extent of violence faced by the victim, and also helps the counselor to rightly assess the situation and take adequate action. It is important to make popular the use of assessment tools in cases of Gender Based Violence, to correctly deal with future cases.

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