Facebook Promotes Online Safety!

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, Facebook released a video, aimed to showcase it’s endeavour to make the Facebook a fun and safe community for sharing one’s experiences. The video states that Facebook has certain community standards, which help users to understand what is appropriate to share and what is not. If a user feels that certain content violates this, they can easily inform Facebook.

Today is Safer Internet Day and over 100 countries are participating in an effort to start conversations and help people think about the small steps they can take to stay safe online. Wondering who can see your photos? Wish you could block someone who is bothering you? Here at Facebook we've developed products, policies and educational programs to help our community share and connect safely and responsibly. Here is a short video with a few top tips to bear in mind. Happy and safe sharing! #SID2016

Posted by Facebook on Monday, February 8, 2016

The video discusses how people from across the world, work 24/7 to make Facebook experiences safer. There are tools to control experiences, empowering users with tools to stay safe. Every time any content is shared, the user can control who sees it, and who doesn’t. Users can also block any user who they don’t want to share their information with. There are lots of programs and guidelines which can help Facebook usage be safe and responsible.

Sharing on social media, and particularly on Facebook, has become an integral part of our lives. It is heartening to see that Facebook itself realizes the ramifications of sharing one’s experiences, and has come up with tools and guidelines to promote a healthy and happy online environment.

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