Training at Galgotias University

In continuation to the previous training held on 8th Februrary, CSR conducted the second part of the training for the students and faculty of Galgotias University on 2nd March 2016. The first part of the training had focused on basic gender issues and theories. In the second part of the training, the focus was on various acts of violence against women. The theme of the training was Womb to Tomb.


Ms. Prajakta Neelkanth and Ms. Pratishtha Arora from CSR facilitated the training session. The training commenced by a round of experience sharing and reflection of the previous training on gender issues by Ms. Pratishtha. This was followed by an introduction of the concept of Womb to Tomb and gathering the opinion of participants on the same. Ms.Prajakta gave a brief about PCPNDT Act 2003, The Dowry Prohibition Act 1962, The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005, The Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act 1956 and Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place 2013. Various methods were adopted to make the technical part more interesting.

To observe the views and understanding of the students about the issues of dowry and female foeticide, a Role Play activity was conducted. The students were divided in 6 groups and were asked to perform a 5 minute skit on these issues. The students performed the skits with good insights and lively presentations. A video prepared under the guidance of Mr. P. M. Nair (retd. IPS Officer) on the issue of human trafficking was shown. The video aptly threw a light on how trafficking is done through various networks for various purposes like prostitution,child labour, house work,organ transplant etc. The participants were touched and overwhelmed about the issue of human trafficking as the video described how it is an organized crime involving millions of dollars and how it is very difficult to trace and prosecute the culprits.


A debate was held on the ignorance of common people on such sensitive issues and how the alertness of every individual will help the police, judiciary and administration to curb the crime. The issue of focusing mainly on men and boys as agents of change and students as creators of gender sensitized society was also discussed.

The Vice Chancellor of the University Dr. Babu also attended the training for some time. He strongly supported the need of such trainings and the need of becoming more sensitized towards gender issues, various crimes prevalent in society and need of taking special measures to bring about gender neutral environment in India.


To conclude the two parts of the training, CSR Team members conducted an activity named ‘Tanagram’ to fill the gaps of communication, and finally linked it with the issues addressed in the training.

Overall, the participants and the faculty members appreciated the training programme. They also shared that such similar programs should be conducted for everyone.

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