Gender Bias – It’s Not in Our Hearts, It’s Just in Our Minds!

The society is made by the society, for the society and of the society. The unwritten rules of the society rules it more than gender.

Getting into a top college at 18, then making it to the top companies with a fat salary by 25. Getting hitched by 27, becoming a parent by 30 and then owning a 2bhk/3bhk by 32 is a sequence which is expected to be followed by every individual.

Any person who doesn’t fall in line, falls in the eyes of others, and is ridiculed and criticized. Most of the time this criticism gets into our head, and that is when the gender bias is sowed in our minds. Not only do we become victims of this criticism, we start self-empathizing, and that is when we turn from women to feminists and men to male chauvinists.

Then begins the divide and rule policy where we start demarcating responsibilities between men and women, and any failure or difficulty in fulfilling these leads to arguments and frustration of being exploited. It is pretty shocking that all of us strive to lead a life fulfilling the above sequences rather than what we actually want to do.

Instead of sharing each and every responsibility, we strive to fulfill those responsibilities which have been demarcated to men and women, for ages, right from our ancestors’ period. The moment when we realize that we should follow our dreams, and not the sequence and rules set by the society, is when this gender bias problems are going to come to an end.

To make your life easier and happier, basically just do what you and share each others lives in every way including the responsibilities. That is when this mind game called “gender bias” can be perished completely.

About the Author

Sindhuja who has majored in Environmental Science & Technology works for a water treatment company as a proposal engineer. Cooking, photography, writing, learning other languages, travelling always features on her list as priorities.

Sindhuja Krishnaa Mudambi
Sindhuja Krishnaa Mudambi
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