National Academy for Training and Research in Social Security

Gender Sensitisation Training with NATRSS

Training on Sexual Harassment At Workplace 2013 and Gender Sensitisation was conducted with National Academy for Training and Research for Social Security on 2nd February 2015.

The participant group consisted of Grade II Regional Provident Fund Commissioners from across India. Before the commencement of training the participants were asked to share their expectations from the trainings. The list that we received mentioned that the participants would like to seek information on the implementation of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, improving the social/legal aspects on gender bias, effective steps to make a gender sensitive workplace, contradictions on gender etc.

National Academy for Training and Research in Social Security

GTI strongly believes that gender training is one part of a larger process of learning and change that requires all of us to reflect on our own deeply held assumptions about gender. Creating a truly gender just society requires each one of us to recognize injustice – in ourselves and others – and to have the understanding and courage to challenge it.

For National Academy for Training and Research in Social Security (NATRSS), GTI used the audio-visual medium, presentations, interactive activities, open discussions etc as the tools to engage the participants. Sessions on the difference between gender & sex, gender stereotypes, legal aspects of sexual harassment at workplace act etc . were taken to build up the understanding of the participants.

As a feedback, the participants acknowledged the knowledge of our trainers on the subject and stated that the training has helped them in broadening the perspective on gender issues. They also pledged to train their subordinates on the subject and empower them with the right knowledge on attitude and behavior at workplace.