Sweden Visits CSR

Uppsala Association of International Affairs in Sweden Visits CSR #FeministFeb

A delegation from Uppsala Association of International Affairs in Sweden (Uppsala University) visited the CSR this week.
Sweden’s largest organizers of lectures on foreign affairs, Utrikespolitiska Föreningen i Uppsala landed to New Delhi for a quick tour of India aiming at getting a broader understanding of the current political, economic and social situation in the country.

The group was shown Second Wind, CSR documentary on our Crisis Intervention Centres (CICs) which caused a strong reaction in them, particularly when they learnt about the brutalities these women have experienced and the astonishing resilience that kept them alive. The documentary led to many questions on how CICs operate and the best practices to rehabilitate women.

The young students also asked about the efficacy of the criminal system, on the procedures and socio/economical consequences of a divorce, on the perception of single women in India and on the role the police play in it all. They were eager to fully understand the fallacies of the judiciary systems and why it often fails survivors in providing them with protection and justice.

Sweden Visits CSR
Second Wind showcased

Mr. Amitabh Kumar also introduced the group of visitors to CSR Gender Training Courses and explained the importance for all members of society to take active part in dismantling patriarchy and gender inequalities. That led to an engaging conversation on the crucial role men and boys play in contributing to change the system. The group looked at their own society and agreed that in order for sustainable structural social changes to happen, men also have to take responsibilities and demand a fairer society for all genders.

In discussion with the delegates
In discussion with the delegates

The group left with the promise to engage with the #FeministFeb movement in support of our efforts to help the lives of domestic violence survivors.

We look forward to listening to their experience at CSR on their radio show at Radio UF (@Radio_UF).

Stay tuned!

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