Harish Iyer

If You Can Be A Person For Anyone – Be a Dog! #TumseHoPayega

This was in the year 2016 when we requested Harish Iyer to be our speaker at a #MenEngage for #WomenEmpowerment programme in Delhi. He obliged and that’s how Centre for Social Research met Harish. There are panelists who answer questions and then there is him who speaks his mind.

If you ever wish to know why people love listening to him and why do they look up to him for help, counselling or just a talk to pour their hearts out, meet him and you will know. Harish is a rape survivor. He faced sexual assault repeatedly from the age of seven. Today, he stands strong extending support to survivors of violence and abuse.

It gets difficult to watch the video as he begins with his account of assault but we must watch for the courage and the strength he has shown in narrating the ordeal. This is his story of coming out strong and fearless.

Media reports have suggested that despite the increase in number of child abuse cases the conviction rate is as low as 28%. Recently, the Ministry of Women and Child Development debated the time frame that limits the reporting period of crimes of sexual abuse. Now, POCSO does not not have any time frame and the survivors of child abuse can report the crime at any age.

You can reach out to Harish via his Twitter Account whenever you need his support.