Me Too

Support for #MeToo Survivors

Author Name: Kirthi Jayakumar

As survivor after survivor speaks up, my team and I at The Red Elephant Foundation, stand by you, in support of you.

Me Too

Here is a list of things we can help you with:

#Saahas offers help for survivors around the world. It is available in six languages, as a Mobile/Web app and a Facebook ChatBot, and offers help across 196 countries.

We are here to listen with empathy and compassion. You can write to us on, or reach out to us on DMs here, twitter and on facebook. We keep all information received confidential and are here to support you.

We work with therapists who can provide specific interventions for survivors and are happy to connect you with them.

We also train and teach communities using peace education pedagogies built on specifically crafted theories of change. We work on gender related issues, peace education proper, anti-bullying programs, and workplace sexual harassment awareness, as well as legal and medical 101 for survivors.

We help crowd-source support for survivors of online abuse to report abusers. To report, please read to

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