Importance of Exposure Visits

Exposure visits are a very important training methodology as it enables the participants from a different setting to interact with and learn from each other, allowing them to view practical/real life situations of successful integration of sustainable practices in the said filed.

Centre for Social Research with the support from Hanns Seidel Foundation, India and local organization i.e. Gramin Vikas Navyuvak Mandal Laporiya (GVNML) conducted an exposure visit in 2017 for elected women representatives to Laporiya.  This was a very good opportunity for Elected Women Representativesm who had received technical trainings, to view and learn about the experience of other EWR and community members who had worked towards creating an ideal village.


During this meeting broader information exchanges took place between the two groups, beyond the core topic. It was observed that all the participants were enthusiastic for learning and implementing their learning’s in their own village.

This visit was a step forward in the project as it was a real time experience for the participants on the struggle and hard work that goes into building a remarkable ideal village.

It was a good learning experience for the project team as well and CSR believes that more such exposure visits will help the participants to create better understanding and learning. Hence in 2018, CSR is preparing to hold another exposure visit in rural Rajasthan from where the trained EWR’s core group can maximize their learning’s on the struggles and methodologies to be adopted to build an ideal village.