Motherhood, Done Right!

Super humans

As a woman, there are many qualities that we possess but the most common quality is that we are all super human beings. All of us. Seriously. And if you have children, you’ve reached the next level. Just when I thought there is no way I can add more to my plate, my plate just gets bigger and I can load up so much more. No wonder I am not shedding off that post pregnancy weight! But its true. Women are gods answer to when he wanted to make more versions of human beings and didn’t know what else to create, he loaded up the female version with an ability to make everything possible.


I think multitasking just comes naturally to us. As a rule I am never on time, I am always getting ready in a jiffy. I remember when I started my first job and I was introduced to deadlines, that’s when I started being a super woman. While driving I would put on my kajal with one hand, eat my breakfast with the other and cheer myself loudly for not getting into an accident. And you thought I was talking about project deadlines. Silly!

Its amazing how these super powers just reach another height altogether when we become Mothers. As a mother, we can instantly hear a child crying. Actually I can constantly hear a child crying, even if there are no children! But seriously, whether at home or in a loud place, no matter whose kids there are, we will always hear it first, be thankful they are not our kids and then have pity on the mother. We are like lionesses always on a lookout for a prey. But in our case, once we spot the prey, we wanna run away!! It doesn’t matter whose kids they are!!

Our ability to have a full conversation with someone without actually knowing what the conversation is about. I love this super power. Once I was at a kiddie birthday party and I had a new nanny for my little one so my concentration was more on how she was handling him. I met a friend and had a full conversation with her, yet I was totally zoned out with a different focus and I have no idea what we spoke about. This super power, if practiced on a daily routine is found to be extremely beneficial.

Functioning without sleep. This is something that I did not know my body could do. Having two kids under 2 years of age, I soon realized that sleep is a thing of the past and I shouldn’t waste time cribbing about it. But how the human body can function with lack of sleep and yet do the things we woman do is astounding! Even if I get 8 hours of sleep at a stretch, my body cant take it. I automatically wake up every 2-3 hours, mostly to cat noises. Dammit!

Music composers and storytelling. If there was an award for the most creative music composition and best story in 5 minutes, all Moms would get it. I have done so many renditions of twinkle twinkle little star, that all the little stars around me must crying in horror. I once did a remix of “Halka Halka Saroor Hai” by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and baa baa black sheep. I nailed it. My son slept in 2 minutes. And yes, the imagination that a mom has to put in those stories so your child can sleep is crazy. I have made my husband become a monkey man who climbs mountains just so he can jump on a bed and then we call a doctor who says no more jumping on the bed! I love it. I can take out my entire day’s frustration out through these stories!!

Our hand eye coordination becomes like a wicket keeper. In school and even now if you throw a ball at me, in all likelihood I will miss it. But from the corner of my eye I can see my little one crawling towards the garbage and I will leap into the air and catch hold of her. Suddenly we have this cheetah type agility who can foresee the future and prevent many accidents.

The list is endless, and I wouldn’t say these super powers make it easier for us, but they definitely add that zing which we most certainly need in our daily routine. Apart from that glass of red wine.

Simran Lekhi
Simran Lekhi

Simran Lekhi is a Delhi University graduate with a degree in MBA finance. At the moment she has the toughest job: Keeping her sanity while raising a 3 year old and a 1 year old.