Dear India, Focus on Real Issues!

Yesterday started off really well for us. We came across the #EmpoweredNari trend on Twitter, and our team decided to add to this trend, by posting our own thoughts, videos and blogs on the issue. Other organizations and individuals pitched in as well, and it was a nice and happy space to be in, because it brought us back to the core issue of gender equality and empowerment, which is what we at CSR have been doing for so many years now.

However, by the end of the day, what ended up trending across social media, was Priyanka Chopra’s legs! On further research, we found out that it wasn’t due to the poster of her upcoming movie Baywatch which had scandalized India, but rather a simple picture of her meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in Berlin! In our opinion it was wonderful that two influential figures from India met and had a brief interaction. But Indian patriarchy thinks otherwise- the only thing which India understood was that the woman needs to be better dressed! Why do we need to sexualize each and everything in this country? Why is it that her legs became a national topic?

It’s 2017! We need to grow out of this- time to move away from all this. Let’s show our outrage for real, more important and urgent issues. Time to get more women in power, time to work for women’s safety, education and health!