Miranda House

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We wrapped up Social surfing on 27th at 4 pm and the team got back to office at 6 but only to pack again. Yes we had Miranda next on the list and that too the very next day.

A team of six representatives, Mehak Jhingon, Anubhuti Vatsayan, Sonia Kaur, Vikram Sheoran, Hannah Carlan and Arnika Singh, facilitated the workshop at Miranda House with a total of 69 students. At this point, we must mention the support of Dr. Bijayalakshmi Nanda who supported the workshop idea throughout and was keen to have it in the college.

Miranda House
Miranda House

The workshop began with a round of introduction and moved on to the video that talked about Social Media being a Fad or No? The numbers that the student saw on screen (related to social media) were something that they generally never thought about. Being a part of the platform that holds the accounts of billions of people was something that really engaged them.

Next up was Hannah’s presentation on Internet, the history, the first email and how social media came into existence. What we generally think of Internet is a platform that provides information from across the world but if asked to define it we tend to fall short of words. But the Mirandians definitely knew that it’s communication across the globe, its world wide web, and its something that is helping people connect with each other across miles.

Hannah’s presentation quite clearly defined Internet and how it functioned back when it was invented. Beginning the discussion on social media, she asked the students to recollect about campaigns like the Arab Spring, Nirbhaya Case, Bring Back Our Girls and more which used social media as a platform to reach out to the people with a message.

Post this, we had the students gear up for a quick quiz conducted by Mehak and Vikram on the security and privacy settings of Facebook. The students were responsive enough to most of them and Vikram’s detailed presentation after it made the functions more clear.

Next on was the Tangram exercise which acted as our beginner’s exercise for an introduction to communication. A group of 10 students volunteered for the activity where we had 5 instructors and 5 players. The instructors were provided with an image and the players according to their understanding worked on making the image through the wooden blocks. This activity is done to build the understanding of students on the difference of transmitting and receiving a message and how it is important to interpret the message well.

We then introduced the students to the concept of Counter Speech and shared the ideology that, The Best Response To A Bad Speech Is Better Speech’. The students then got together in a group and devised three campaigns from which we will be selecting one and handhold it for the rest of the year.

The workshop at Miranda was a great experience and we look forward to host the workshop at maximum colleges possible.

Social Surfing intends to channelize energy of the youth towards social change through social media. It also shared the importance and steps of remaining safe online and protecting your information along with defining the power that social media is giving you.

If you wish to bring Social Surfing to your college, drop a mail at arnika@csrindia.org.

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To know more about programme visit www.socialsurfing.in

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