#SocialSurfing joins the #YouthCSWForum

Our super excited team arrived early at the UN head quarters for the first ever #YouthCSWForum. The forum convened 200 young people from diverse backgrounds and locations, to amplify their common concerns and advocacy efforts before officially opens. The forum constituted a space for young people, particularly young women and girls, to openly and safely discuss the obstacles they face and the concerns they have in their local, national, regional and global contexts.


As one can imagine, when generation next was in the building, social media was at its live best. Facebook updates, Instagram clicks and Tweets were flowing. It was an enriching experience for our young social surfers, Ms Arnika Singh, Mr. Vikram Sheoran and Mr. Amitabh Kumar. There were working groups created on major areas and our team enthusiastically joined the group working on social media. Our experience of 36 workshops across India, on online safety, positive cyber etiquette and counter speech was extremely helpful in forming the recommendations.


The consultation developed a joint statement – “YOUTH CSW60 DECLARATION” – that will be presented at the opening of the CSW. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite our friends and colleagues to #SocialSurfing on the 15th in New York. Details :https://www.facebook.com/events/1774059439482805/

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