Combat Roles For Women In The Army

For several decades, women have been considered passive members of the society with limited or no economic or political involvement in the society. For years they have been chained to the four walls of houses, only to perform a domestic role. However, whether it is political rights or economic involvement, women all around the world have fought hard and broken the shackles that chained them to the stereotypical role. The social and economic progression of society has also enabled and empowered women to really go against the regressive mindsets and challenge traditional norms in order to create their own space in the society, outside just their households. Beginning from the Women’s Rights Movement in 1948, women have never looked back and have initiated change in societies that are now more supportive and open to their  involvement in the society in professional capacities.

In today’s time, there exist no domains of work that women haven’t excelled in. The society and the mindsets of its members have also undergone a visible transformation as words like chairman and cameraman have been replaced with chairperson and cameraperson, to accommodate not just men but also represent women equally.In the recent years, India has progressed and has taken concrete steps to overcome the existing gender barriers.  The Indian Army had recently announced that it will begin the recruitment of female cadets for combat positions in the Army. As a transformational step towards the same, they will initially start the recruitment of women for positions in the military police. This has opened up yet another arena for women within the forces, who were earlier recruited only for logistical and technical positions rather than those for combat. Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat had expressed great optimism taking about the new opportunities for women in the Indian Army by initiating the process that allows women to be recruited as Jawans.

Acting upon President Pranab Mukherjee’s announcement in 2016 about women being allowed to take up combat roles in all sections of the Indian armed forces, the government and the armed forces have ignited conversation and action that proves the capability of women in all fields including the forces that were traditionally reserved only for men, signalling a radical move towards greater equality in treatment and opportunity in one of the world’s most male-dominated professions.This is a monumental step ahead that reflects a promising future of opportunities for women in India, who as always will utilize the same to break through and shatter the glass ceilings creating their own space and leaving a mark in every field.