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Gender matters in our lives. It shapes the way we think about ourselves and about the people around us. As a matter of fact, it affects the way we relate to each other socially, economically and politically. Still everyone has their own sets of ideas about gender matters and how exactly gender matters. We of CSR are especially curious about your views, opinions and thoughts. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to invite you to write a blog entry for our “Gender Matters” blog. This blog has become a point of international reference, informing the world about activities of CSR and the developments across India in the field of gender.


With the entire world following up on India’s journey towards gender justice, now seems the right time to contribute to the ongoing debates on gender. The more people join in, the stronger our movement for struggle for gender equality and justice becomes. Together we can rise up and make that change. And sometimes all it takes to make your voice heard is a little inspiration. So, dust off on your typewriter, laptop or sheet of papyrus and write down what has been on your mind! When you send us your blogs, we will spread your message and story through our website and on your social media platforms. We give out a stipend and a certificate of appreciation to the most read blog of each month.

You can submit your blog entry here: Write With Us. In case you have any additional info to be added to your blog entry (such as a photo, video, pdf etc), please mail it to WriteWithUs@csrindia.org.

We look forward to reading your blogs!

Looking forward to reading your blogs, you can mail us your entries at WriteWithUs@csrindia.org, or upload them at Write With Us.

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