The Anti-Virus to Online Safety

The Anti-Virus to Online Safety #SafeCyberSpace

Our online space is a very private arena filled with loads of strangers. In a conversation with Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor, he highlights the fact that one is responsible for his/her own safety while in an online space. It is simple sense like not opening a suspicious mail, understanding that those “too good” to be true deals are just a hoax and being alert while sharing details online. However, on a larger scale, while dealing with cyber crimes, a proper training of forensics and the police force is required. Not only education about how to deal with the cases of online crime is lacking but also the understanding of the severity of such acts also lags behind currently. Specialized trainings and educative seminars are thus a need of the hour.

The team at CSR India also believes in this and is thus opening dialogues and discussions about cyber crime, helping victims of such cases deal with problems individually and also facilitating the larger authorities to help fight cyber crime.

About the Author

Sakshi Bansal is a student of psychology and a solo traveler. She is passionate about reforming education and incorporating social media and technological advances in her endeavors.

Sakshi Bansal