Why Is Cyber Crime Growing

Why Is Cyber Crime Growing? #SafeCyberSpace

Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor talks about which factor of the three- Vulnerability, Anonymity and Threat, is the biggest cause in propelling cyber crime. He traces the roots of different cases and why the victims fall for it. For cases of online fraud, the vulnerable audience who is unaware of such ways of cheating, especially in non-metropolitan cities, becomes the victims. However, in cases like stalking and maligning threats, the predators take advantage of the fact that tracing the roots of such content is difficult and a lengthy procedure. Hiding behind the screens and the vast physical distance from the victims gives them a sense of safe-net to continue their malicious efforts. Threat arises in cases where the victim and the predator share a close relationship where the fear and risk are even greater. Furthermore, the lack of action from the authorities and the awareness of laws safeguarding the victims is the major contributing factor for the vast menace created by cyber crime.

CSR India also believes that only by proper training and awareness about cyber crime and dealing with cyber issues can bring a change in the otherwise dangerous network of online safety concerns.

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