Implementing the existing laws to fight cyber crime

Implementing The Existing Laws to Fight Cyber Crime #SafeCyberCrime

Under the Indian Penal Code and Information & Technology Act, proper guidelines do exist to safeguard and deal with cyber crime issues. However, when asked about the gap in dealing with these issues in real-time settings, Mr. Adab highlights how delayed action is the biggest reason behind the inaffective handling of cases of such nature. Forensics not collecting the appropriate data or the police not being able to enforce acts like confiscation of devices of crime is a huge hassle. Several perpetrators go scot-free taking advance of this very loop.

CSR India also believes that it is time to work with and for the authorities by training them in cyber crime education and understanding what the authorities can do in times of crises. It requires consistent and concentrated efforts and working together to fight the larger issue.

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Sakshi Bansal is a student of psychology and a solo traveler. She is passionate about reforming education and incorporating social media and technological advances in her endeavors.

Sakshi Bansal