Is cyber crime even a legal crime

Is Cyber Crime Even A ‘Legal’ Crime? #SafeCyberSpace

There exists a discrepancy in the information regarding existence of laws to safeguard citizens in times of cyber crimes. To shed light on the matter, CSR India is in conversation with Mr. Adab Singh Kapoor who has fought various cases on cyber crime in the courts of law. He highlights that cyber Crime directly threatens the right of privacy of the citizens as guaranteed by the constitution of India. Additionally, the Information and technology act under the Indian penal code guidelines different provisions and covers different types of cyber crimes. The Indian evidence act also allows the court of law to accept confiscated devices from which the cyber crime has been perpetuated which is another indication of the degree of compatibility of the laws with the issues of cyber crime.

CSR India believes in sharing of knowledge and information to bring change and improve awareness. Aware citizens are better informed and thus better able to prevent and deal with acts of cyber crimes.

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Sakshi Bansal