Regional Differences

Regional Differences In Dealing With The Same Crime #SafeCyberSpace

The outcome of any case in front of court depends on the efficiency of all authorities involved. When asked about why there exists a huge disparity in how regional courts deal with similar cyber crime issues, Mr. Adab identifies the difference in training, efficiency and education of the law authorities like the police and the forensics and how that directly affects the entire investigation of the case. The shoddier the investigation, more the chances of the guilty going unpunished. Furthermore, being unaware of relevant laws while prosecuting specific cases adds to the burden of unjust decisions. A subjective understanding of the same laws also leads to an inconsistent outcome in different courts.

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Sakshi Bansal is a student of psychology and a solo traveler. She is passionate about reforming education and incorporating social media and technological advances in her endeavors.

Sakshi Bansal