Harish Iyer

Harish Iyer Speaks on #FeministFeb

Recently, we had the honour of meeting noted equal rights activist Harish Iyer in Mumbai and discussed issues of feminism and equal rights. He had some interesting things to say!

“I think feminism is about equality. Feminism is not about superiority. It is about equality and I don’t think women are more superior to men. I dont use the… I dont bully men by telling them, ‘Tereko pata hai kya aurat 9 mahine pet mein bachhe ko rakhti hai.’ and all those things. That is biology and we can debate on that separately. But feminism is about equality, and its not about superiority. And thats something we need to get… let people understand. And its called feminism, and its not called manism or anything of that kind. Is it because feminists are not equal? I mean we are not in a society where women are treated equal to men, and they are treated below men. So to get them to the level of equality is what is feminism… according to me…”

Thank you Harish for these wonderful inputs! If you have any thoughts on feminism, do mail them to us at writewithus@csrindia.org

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