Sagarika Ghose Talks About Twitter Trolls!

Recently, renowned journalist Ms. Sagarika Ghose visited our office, and we had an interesting conversation with her about social media, and in particular, about trolling.

Here is what she had to say about it:

“It’s a mindset issue and trolling has to be aggressively countered, because if we keep quiet they may get emboldened. And now I think the Mumbai Police and the Delhi Police are on Twitter, so you can actually tag those handles, and have them track criminals down. There has to be some fear of enforcement and some convictions, because these are criminal offences. You can’t pass it off as free speech.”

We wholeheartedly support Ms Ghose’s views and believe that the steps she has laid out must be followed for a more safe and enjoyable online experience, across all social media platforms.

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