Dr. Ranjana Kumari - Director, Centre for Social Research

Women Vanguards In Struggle Against Islamic Extremism

March 8, 2015

Dr. Ranjana Kumari at National Council of Resistance of Iran, Berlin

“All the progress that we have made over years of struggles is now being snatched by extremism and fundamentalism. We need to form a global network of women and have more interactions like this.

As women’s global community we cannot tolerate such crimes against women in Iran. So the first thing is to create a global network of women for cross regional, cross-cultural dialogue.

Dr. Ranjana Kumari - Director, Centre for Social Research

This is extremely important to realize how women must get organized to fight against all forms of fundamentalism. And I am very happy to have Mrs. Rajavi’s leadership in this strong, very affirmative, very clear in her ideas about her ten-point agenda, as well as what we are planning to do . Together, we shall win.”

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