Trailblazing Telangana

Trailblazing Telangana!

And sometimes, a news story makes us smile- Telangana becomes the first state in the country to introduce gender education as a compulsory part of the university syllabus!

As per an article published in The Hindu, a book on gender education has been introduced on a pilot basis in engineering colleges affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU-Hyderabad). It takes a holistic view of gender with a wide array of information, ranging from unacknowledged women writers of Telangana to problems of sex selection and women’s work in politics and economics. It also touches upon certain complex subjects like female-centric history and male-female relationships, along with discussing different strands of women’s movements across the world and introducing students to political movements of Afro-American, Caribbean, African, Dalit and minority women. An interesting point is that the credits obtained from this course add to the student’s CGPA.


As a leading authority in the field of gender sensitization, we at CSR, feel extremely joyous about this new development. With over 20 years of experience in gender trainings across the country, we are of the belief that gender sensitivity is an integral part of every individual’s existence. Formal education is a sphere where the notion of gender sensitivity needs to be addressed, and this move by the Telangana government is a positive step in this direction. It reaffirms our philosophy, and will definitely aid the cause of a gender sensitive India in a huge way.

For more details on the work we do in the field of gender sensitization, please visit our GTI website.

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