Meeting On Women And Victim Protection In Bavaria And India

Meeting on Women And Victim Protection In Bavaria And India

The Safe cities movement around the globe kept going strong with a meeting on ‘Women and victim protection in Bavaria and India’, hosted by Centre for Social Research, India with the cooperation of Hanns Seidel Stiftung on 2nd December 2015.

Meeting On Women And Victim Protection In Bavaria And India

German Police forces and NGOs joined hands with the Delhi Police force and Indian NGO and CSOs to look for grounds of synergy. The Centre for Social Research, spearheaded by Dr Ranjana Kumari, welcomed theGerman dignitaries, Prof. Dr. Ursula Männle Chairwoman, Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Germany and Mr Hanns Buhler from Hans Seidel Stiftung Foundation, Dr. O P Mishra (Assistant Commissioner of Police) and Sudhir Yadav (Special Commissioner of Police) from the Delhi Police, and Mr. Bernhard EggerChief Superintendent, Central Investigation Services, Bavarian State Office of Criminal Investigation, Germany. The distinguished group gathered for interesting presentations by both the German and Delhi Police, and to discuss what the foundations of safe city are, especially for women.

Meeting On Women And Victim Protection In Bavaria And India

All the participants shared years of experience and perspectives from all sides, which led to an engaging conversation. It was thrilling to see civil society given an opportunity to interact with the Police to ask difficult questions, and finding common ground despite the difference between the German and Indian parties. Debates raged on about the different initiatives and response by the police in Delhi, and how the German police have been acting on the other side of the world to reach levels of trust and ensure security for its citizens.

Talks of approaches and needs, and how to reconnect those with realities was at the heart of the discussion. It was a mutually enriching experience for all sides, and a great opportunity to learn from new perspectives and actors across the globe on how to ensure women and victims are taken care of.

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