PVR Cinemas, Women’s Day and the Gender Movement

As part of ‘Women on Wednesdays’ (WOW) Shows, PVR is offering Women’s Day Special at 20 PVRs across the country. There will be a special discount on movie tickets, free coffee and cookies, surprise gifts and free pickup and drop service from Ola (Ola service is available if tickets are booked through official app or official website.) This offer is not only exclusive for women but also applicable if a girl goes stag or in girl gangs. Male companions and children are strictly off limits. For the four cities in which this offer is available (Mumbai – 133, Delhi – 240, Bengaluru – 106 and Pune – 53); the mentioned figures are the maximum limit beyond which the offer is capped. To pack in more power and fun, there will be special screenings of movies like Dangal, Dear Zindagi, Pink, Neerja and Hidden Figures. These films are known to promote and reinforce positive gender perceptions.

IWD 2017

Across the world tomorrow, Women’s Day will be celebrated. As per the Fortune Magazine, The Americas will stage ‘A Day without a Woman’. United Kingdom and Ireland will march for ‘Strike4Repeal’. European countries will give entry to women across all the museums and cultural sites in respective countries. Middle Eastern countries will have women stage a peace protest that fights for the right to celebrate Women’s Day and the Asian countries have the plethora that ranges from men ‘Walking in her Shoes’ to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Hospitality industry making commercial hay from the popularity of the day.

There will always be debate on how Valentine’s Day is celebrated and how we choose to perceive Women’s Day (in dumb-down convenient bites). There will be commercial, social and ideological perspectives on how we take a concept and implement it in the society. These perspectives generate thought provoking ideas and lift the intellectual bar of the society. While all that is done, sometimes it takes a single step ahead to start walking a path that takes the civilization to a more holistic paradigm. From being exposed to gender-heavy stereotypes through popular culture; we are now globally moving towards a consciousness that chooses iconoclasm of the same. Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape of You’ and Katy Perry’s ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ are few of such examples. In the same vein, PVR takes one small chunk of the gender movement and mashes it to appease a more delectable palate. The discussion on the significance of the day and the ideological construct behind it can wait until after the movie. We can have those discussions over those free coffees that PVR is offering and take it from there. Cheers!